AC Mechanic Job In Canada

Air conditioning (AC) technicians work with cooling systems to ensure proper installation, maintenance and repair. Becoming an AC technician usually involves completing a heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration degree program and/or an apprenticeship.

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Job Description

Cooling specialists work in mechanical, business and private settings introducing, fixing and keeping up HVAC frameworks. These positions require just a secondary school certificate, yet numerous businesses incline toward the individuals who have finished a preparation program or apprenticeship. Affirmation and licensure might be needed in this field.

Job Responsibility

  • The cooling specialists introduce, investigate, keep up, and fix forced air system.
  • They ventilate gear and controls ensuring they work effectively and constantly.
  • They perform normal support chip away at cooling units.
  • They introduce, supplant, or fix gear that has been harmed.
  • They clean blowers and loops, check pressures of belts and engines.
  • They make arrangements and plans of new cooling frameworks including their establishment and upkeep.

Job Requirements

  • The cooling experts should have the option to work in spots where they are presented to clean, exhaust, commotion, harmful materials and high voltage hardware.
  • They ought to likewise be fit for working in kept and hot spaces like rooftops, creep ways and storage rooms.
  • They may likewise need to work in unfavorable climate and might be needed to lift weighty items, twist, stoop, bow or represent significant length of time.

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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