Construction worker Job In Europe

We are looking for a dedicated and dependable construction worker to join our group. You will partake in an assortment of development extends and adhere to development plans and directions from the site administrator.

Job Description

A construction worker performs a wide range of tasks at various building sites ranging from simply duties like sawing wood and hammering nails to much more complicated work involving dangerous equipment, computers and robotics.

Job Responsibility

  • Operates drills and jackhammers to break up old concrete prior to beginning new construction.
  • Uses all types of power tools and large equipment including cement mixers, mechanical hoists and surveying equipment.
  • Removes waste materials like lead or asbestos.
  • Sprays materials like sand, paint, vinyl or stucco through hoses to coat surfaces.
  • Operates machinery that pumps concrete, grout or plaster through sprayers for application to walls and ceilings.

Job Requirements

  • No formal qualification is required, although a high school diploma may be preferred.
  • Licensure to work with hazardous materials may be required.
  • Willingness to undertake training if necessary.
  • Be mild-tempered and a team player.

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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