Mason Job In Canada

Bricklayers, or stone artisans, utilize different instruments and procedures to shape rock and stone pieces and fake mineral items into the mathematical shapes expected to manufacture spans, structures, landmarks and so on They likewise do fixes and rebuilding efforts.

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Job Description

We are searching for a talented, experienced artisan who can cut, dress and lay stone, and who is capable with both current force devices and conventional hand devices. Bricklayers can hope to work in all climate and with different materials, lift and convey substantial items, and peruse and survey specialized drawings. Their obligations incorporate finishing and cleaning squares of stone, introducing dressed stone, blending concrete and mortar, and renovating old and harmed workmanship works.

Job Responsibility

  • Keeping up apparatuses and workspaces.
  • Cutting, molding and dressing materials.
  • Lifting, conveying and putting arranged squares.
  • Perusing and following specialized drawings.
  • Updating old and worn workmanship.

Job Requirements

  • 3+ years’ apprenticeship.
  • Love for working with stone.
  • Regard for the antiquated customs of the calling.

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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