Security guard Job In Canada

Otherwise called a Security Officer, Security Guards are liable for ensuring property or people by watching and going about as access control for guests

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Job Description

We are searching for a fit and mindful Security Guard to guarantee that our property is ensured. The Security Guard is liable for recording the names of guests, watching the property and capturing any intruders. To be fruitful as a Security Guard you should be ready and expert. A decent Security Guard knows about all guests to the property and guarantees that no unseemly activities happen.

Job Responsibility

  • Guarantee that visitors sign in upon appearance and exit
  • Make visitors mindful of decides that must be clung to
  • Eliminate intruders or undesirable people from the property
  • Contact the applicable specialists if a wrongdoing is submitted or a mishap happens
  • Report to administrators consistently
  • Record any dubious exercises to the administrator

Job Requirements

  • A secondary school capability or same
  • A capability in security preparing
  • Essential medical aid abilities would be invaluable
  • Actual strength and wellness
  • Related knowledge as a Security Guard would be worthwhile
  • Tender loving care

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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