Tile Worker Job In Canada

On your tile worker set of working responsibilities, you have to feature significant characteristics. For instance, it is fundamental that tile workers are meticulous in arranging and laying tiles on floors. Their estimations must be exact and tile designs must be exact

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Job Description

Tile workers are liable for introducing tiles. They cut tiles utilizing a few distinct devices, including tile copyists, wet saws and handheld tile cutters. They at that point lay tiles in equally spread mortar, guaranteeing accuracy, clean edges and straight lines. Different obligations incorporate eliminating existing floor covers, taking estimations and cleaning and leveling the surfaces where the tiles are to be laid. /p>

Job Responsibility

  • Cut tiles and shape them appropriately to guarantee they fit around hindrances and in sharp corners and odd spaces utilizing force and hand apparatuses
  • Structure tile beds utilizing solid, mortar, mastic, concrete, paste or mortar using instruments, for example, tirades, brushes and scoops
  • Adjust tiles and fix them with straightedges, levels and squares to guarantee designs are even and exact
  • Cut, introduce, clean and surface rock and marble and guarantee exactness during the establishment cycle for enduring outcomes
  • Make beautifying divider and floor plans by laying and setting mosaic tiles in kitchens, restrooms and lounge rooms

Job Requirements

  • Willingness to complete on-the-job training.
  • Ability to lift heavy materials and equipment
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Excellent customer service skills

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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