Warehouse Assistant Job In Canada

Stockroom Operations Assistants issue organizations with strategic and functional help that supports effective in-house and conveyance undertakings. Unmistakable instances of such duties incorporate planning and examining shipments, offloading the product, and coordinating routine cleaning.

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Job Description

We are looking for a fastidiously organized Warehouse Operations Assistant to energize the protected and quick completion of conveyance related objectives. The Warehouse Operations Assistant should audit dispatching documentation, empty the product, and execute neighborhood conveyances. You should likewise coordinate cleaning exercises. To guarantee accomplishment as a Warehouse Operations Assistant, you should practice your refined calculated aptitudes to advance errand related proficiency over the organization. Eventually, a magnificent Warehouse Operations Assistant should display a fit, administration situated methodology in each situation.

Job Responsibility

  • Incorporating and assessing delivering related documentation
  • Dumping approaching shipments and inspecting their substance
  • Pressing stock in a flawlessly coordinated and secure style
  • Planning outbound shipments in front of conveyance times
  • Driving product to our territorial customers
  • Checking stock levels to measure restocking needs
  • Coordinating and directing routine stockroom cleaning undertakings
  • Guaranteeing laborers’ adherence to specified wellbeing related conventions

Job Requirements

  • Secondary school confirmation
  • Substantial driver’s permit
  • Broad and well behaved driving history
  • Evident experience as a Warehouse Operations Assistant
  • Proficient about unmistakable wellbeing, security, and shopper related rules
  • Tweaked calculated procedures
  • Phenomenal verbal relational abilities
  • An assistance driven, warm, and responsible aura
  • Actually fit

Employment Type: Full time

Type of Role: Regular

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